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potblack147 - A secret betting club in Brazil

Founded in May 2006, the Secret Bookmaker or the Secret betting club is an absolutely independent source for reporting, reviewing and monitoring the world’s betting tips with tips, systems and strategies. The good thing about them is that they can help you to look for the best systems, tips and methods of earning on bets.

They do this using real dates, with access to real articles in the magazines, and this articles have their own independent reviews, or articles with interviews of the experts in this field, or even strategies that you must follow to become a real champion.

Also this betting club has their own exclusive reports that contain different types of ratings or they also have different comparison tables of famous leagues, for better data collection on these championships and a better chance for good bets. As they say, they have a lot of benefits for those who want to win and earn some quantity of money, these benefits help to make huge deals.

Different tipster ratings

At the Secret Betting Club they propose many different betting tipsters, with the best reviews, this reviews are made by their specialists. Each tipster is applied a unique SBC Rating, this review obviously an be updated regularly, depending on how well this can be performed and the quality of the service that they propose.Then they spread their own opinion in special review, it means, an easy to view table format via their regular Tipster Profit Reports –This helps you to quickly find the top tipsters alongside all their exclusive discounts and visit their online key facts pages. Also in this smart betting club you can find examples of just what they produce for their members , for example for some that are interested in horse racing tipsters only. They produce a separate table for sports betting tipsters, this is a useful thing.

Also, you must not forget that the Secret Betting Club is 100% independent, so you can be sure that what they are saying is fair. Unlike other review services, they do not charge commissions or sales reductions for writing a positive review, and that’s a good thing, that’s why we can call them an absolutely good pro betting club.

Every day the specialists of the Secret Betting Club look for valuable bets, odds, which, in their opinion, are the only way to win the game and make others win. The idea is always to win the SP and therefore having the upper hand, they use a lot of statistics.

For those who want to try the service for a short time to see if it is practical for them, or for others who can only bet on weekends or certain days of the week, it is also possible to get advice on the days of use of the text on a temporary basis. You can buy this basis for R$15 per day. However, it should be noted that these messages are sent at 1.30, later than the main subscriber base, which may mean that in some cases you miss the recommended prices. 

The Result of some investigations

In total, the service recommended a huge 14.125 rates with a return on investment of 12.0%. For almost seven years of history, the total return on capital is an impressive 850.7%, which is slightly more than 120% year on year (at bank rates of 2000 points). In other words, even if you decide to bet a modest R$ 50 one way, you will get a typical profit of R$ 24000 a year if you can reach the recommended prices.

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