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What is a “free bet”?

Freebet is the ability to bet on events without using your funds. For example, online betting sites gave its client a R$10 free bet. It means that the capper chooses any sporting event, makes a bet and the game balance remains unchanged.

However, such a bet can be called “free” with stretch, as each bookmaker accompanies the free bets with several rules that bettors must comply with. 

Terms of bonus programs for new players

What are the rules set by the bookmaker for free bets?

  1. Often the best online betting sites give these bets for sporting events with odds of 1.50, 3.00, 5.00, etc. The capper can no longer use the benefit at its discretion. The player is forced to look for a result that meets the demands of the quotation.
  2. A common condition is the “expiration date” of the free bet. You must use it immediately. Depending on the bookmaker, free bets are active for 24 hours, 3 days, 7 days, 30 days, etc. If the free bet is not used during the specified period, the opportunity expires.
  3. Restrictions on sports and markets are also possible. For example, a free bet allows you to bet only on football or hockey, on the outcome of a match or the total. Sometimes a free bet is only allowed for one type – ordinary or express.
  4. The condition that the player can bet only on the free bet amount is common for all betting sites online. You can not divide the free bet into parts.

We have reviewed the most common conditions found among bookmakers, but other requirements are possible, so you should learn the terms of bonus or promotional programs carefully before participating.

The free bet for registration without deposit

How does such a bonus offer work? The player has not previously registered on the betting online sites. He or she is creating his account for the first time. When the registration procedure is completed, the capper is charged a free bet without replenishing the account. Unfortunately, the amount of the free bet is usually low.

The main pros are that the player does not need to deposit money to your account. There are no covers or pitfalls, but free bets just for your registration are rare.

Although, do not forget about the following features:

  • Once a player has used his free bet and won, the payout is unavailable until you make the first deposit, as the office must connect with the payment system you will use to withdraw funds.
  • The “expiration date” of such a free bet is usually minimal. Most often, the use of a free rate without a deposit is about 1-3 days.

What does it mean to “play free bet”?

We’ve found that every free bet has terms of use. That is, a capper can’t bet the way he wants. The user of the bet must meet the requirements of the bookmaker. It is then that the free bet is considered “played”.

For example, you received a $ 10 free bet for betting on a football express from three events with odds of at least 1.50. Review the line of available results, and choose from three where the quotes are above 1.50. Combine events in an express using your free bet.

How to withdraw free bet money?

A free bet is an opportunity to place a free bet. Many cappers misinterpret the essence of this offer, hoping to withdraw it on their cards or mobile wallets.

Accrual of a free bet does not mean that the bettor receives money on his account. It is a bonus that does not affect the account of the capper. When a player uses a free bet and it passes, the net account is credited with the net profit available for withdrawal.

For example, a bookmaker received a R$10 free bet and placed it at an odds of 1.70. Theoretically, the total winning amount is R$17, but the system will charge only R$7 to the balance – net profit.

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