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The regulation of sports betting in Brazil is a very complicated matter, but 2022 is definitely the year that this must be resolved. The problem is that trying to regulate sports betting in Brazil is a very bureaucratic process.

The main problem is that the betting sector has always been one of the Brazilian state monopolies, but everything indicates that 2022 will be the last year of this monopoly. One of the main indications of this was the sanctioning of the Law of Bets.

How was the evolution of sports betting regulation in Brazil

Let’s start our story from 2018. It was in that year that the then President Michel Temer sanctioned Law No. 13756/2018. At that time, the text ended up creating a regulation of sports betting in Brazil that legalized sports betting, as long as some requirements were followed.

Chief among these requirements is that quotes should always be fixed. The last amendment to the text of the law took place on July 15, 2021, when the taxation for betting sites was no longer on top of the gross amount. Currently it is charged on top of the net amount.

Because of this, the regulation of sports betting in Brazil meant that the taxation of this sector was approximately 20%. This is a much more attractive value for operators and also for potential investors.

The government is keeping an eye on the sector and with a lot of financial interest

For decades, the betting industry was neglected in Brazil, largely due to political moralism. However, this is one of the sectors that raises the most money around the world, and the Brazilian government is finally realizing this.

The Union has great interest in the betting sector, since with the regulation of sports betting in Brazil, the sector moves around 8 billion reais every year. For the government, this means more than 700 million reais being added to the Treasury every year.

The government economy sector is moving frantically so that the definitive regulation of sports betting in Brazil is ready by the end of 2022. One of the main reasons behind this is the fact that we are in the year of the World Cup.

How to start placing your bets within the regulation of sports betting in Brazil

In order to start placing your bets, within the rules of sports betting in Brazil, it is necessary that you choose a betting site. To be within the law, it is necessary that the chosen betting site, until the given moment, belongs to an international company.

There are several betting sites on the market today, each of which has its positives and negatives that you should take into account. Therefore, you should compare these pros and cons with the needs you have as a bettor.

This way, you will be able to make sure that you are choosing a site that meets your requirements much more easily. It is also very important that you choose a betting platform that is reliable.

To be able to define this, it is necessary to evaluate some factors of the site in question. Reliable online betting platforms are usually very transparent with everything from their licensing to their payment methods.

Check these factors, and only start your registration process when you are sure you have chosen the right platform for you. Another good tip is to look for reviews and comments made by punters who have already used the site in question. This will give you a good idea of ​​how the platform works.

Making your first bet

Placing your first bet on any site is a very special moment, but it should be done carefully. After registering, you must make a deposit to have a balance in your bank.

When we talk about betting bankroll, we are referring to the balance you will have available for your bet. It is essential for your bets that you make an excellent management of your bankroll.

That said, it will be time for you to choose where to make your guess. If you are here, for sure your choice will be to make a guess in some of the games of Palmeiras . When you select the game you want to place your bet on, you will need to choose a betting market.

Market bets are the types of guesses that you will be able to make. For example, you can bet directly on who you think will win the game, the result you think will be on the scoreboard, and even the number of corners in the match.

The number of betting markets you will have at your disposal will depend exclusively on the betting site in question. Certain platforms offer a greater number of options, while some sites have slightly more limited options.

Once you’ve chosen the betting market, all you have to do is set your guess, decide how much you want to invest in your bankroll and finish. Now just enjoy the moment, enjoy your bet and cheer for Palmeiras’ victory with all your heart.

When will we see physical bookmakers in Brazil?

Most likely, physical bookmakers will appear in Brazil within two to three years. It is necessary that you have a little patience in the meantime, and take advantage of the various online betting platforms available on the internet.

It will still be necessary for the regulation of sports betting in Brazil to advance a little before in-person betting venues can emerge in Brazil. And it’s also a good idea to hope that the casinos are released as well.


After decades of setbacks in the betting industry, Brazil is finally taking steps forward. Of course, everything is still very slow, and very bureaucratic, not least because there are political interests behind each decision.

However, the moment is getting closer and closer when the Brazilian people will not need to go to Las Vegas to enjoy a casino, or a sports betting house. You will be able to do everything in Brazil. You’ll even be able to have a lot more fun, being able to bet with your friends while you party.

The truth is that the betting market has always moved a lot of money in Brazil, but for decades it remained underground. The change we are seeing happened only because of the advent of online bookmakers, which were outside Brazilian legislation.

Therefore, placing bets on these sites was not illegal. These providers ended up taking the first step towards renewing the regulation of sports betting in Brazil. Currently, there are few major Brazilian football teams that are not sponsored by an international betting site.

This is a standard that has already been established in the Brazilian football market, and will certainly continue to develop more and more. All that’s left now is to wait at least a few more years for everything to stabilize, and for you to enjoy your betting even more smoothly.

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