Brazilian betting companies

Betting business in the country began to gain momentum in 2018. Then Brazilian betting companies received licenses for their activities. Through betting the government planned to seriously increase the state budget. In this case the tax from the bookmakers would be 3% of the turnover.

In the next two years the profit seemed to be insufficient. Measures were taken to change the conditions of the licenses on the following terms:

  • Companies were offered tenders. 
  • Based on their results licenses for legitimate activities were issued. 
  • The number of tenders was limited.

According to experts, in this way it was planned to attract more than 7 billion dollars of investment.

In order to make the local users interested in this direction, a training course on betting was organized. The project Universidade do green promises to teach beginners to make a profit in such a dubious business. Former Brazilian footballers Zico and Carlos Dunga acted as ambassadors.

Placing bets on a betting site is becoming an increasingly dominant activity around the world. It is also happening in Brazil, where betting sites are a hobby that is becoming increasingly normal for many. Despite this, gambling is still suspect, and some people still believe that online betting is unreliable.

Betting sites are safe, fun, completely legal and quite respectable activities, so if you are a secondary position on online betting sites, we will try to show you that betting is safe and allows for great profits.

In recent years, Brazil has seen significant growth due to laws banning casinos and gambling establishments in Brazil.

The disadvantages of the business

The problems are not related to gambling. The main difficulties arose due to the difficulties with deposit and withdrawal of funds from users. 

Peculiarities of Brazilian bookmakers:

  1. According to the law, methods of depositing and withdrawing money in the BC are limited. It is forbidden to use credit or debit cards.
  2. Restrictions reduce the ability to make deposits and withdrawals. Most are not willing to use inconvenient payment methods to pay.
  3. Electronic wallets become the most popular method of transfer. Most often the clients of BK use Boleto Bancario.

Even the best bookmakers in Brazil are not able to get around the ban. Since the government has forbidden banks to make transactions to gambling establishments, the option to transfer via Visa, MasterCard/Maestro cards is not available. However, there are alternative ways, namely electronic wallets. All transactions made through the services are not monitored by banks, so you can not worry about security. B-Pay, E-Pay and other popular services are supported on the 1xbet website. It is also possible to use bitcoin and other digital currencies to make deposits.

Main sports destinations

The main direction is considered soccer. Residents of Brazil earlier than anyone else in the world are able to appreciate the young athletes who in a few years will be known throughout Europe. The best Brazilian bookmakers are ready to offer the player leagues of different age segments.

Behind the No. 1 sport comes basketball. This discipline is also considered popular in the country. Closing the top three is beach volleyball. Most major tournaments are held here, including European and World Championships. 

But while the redistribution of influence in the gaming market of Brazil, the army of bettors is forced to open accounts in foreign BK. Now we can only talk about gambling in the country as the beginning of a large-scale and great trend.

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